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                      Club Hopper/Restaurant Stopper                         




Club Hopper/Restaurant Stopper
Designated Driver Program 
(760) 449-7928




The fee for this package is $100 per month and is for two people. This package may have the private residential stop for an additional $20 per stop. For each additional guest the charge is $20 per person per night. The extra passenger fee will be billed to the credit card on file. Excessive mileage and boundary fees may apply.

 Private Residential Stop

This membership has the same benefits with the additional benefit of being able to go to a private residence. Only one private residence stop is included per night, any additional residential stops are $20 per stop. This membership is available for $150 per month and is for two people. For each additional guest the charge is $20 per person per night. The extra passenger fee will be billed to the credit card on file. Excessive mileage and boundary fees may apply. There is no wait time.

 Types of Businesses Served

Restaurants, Night Clubs and Bars. Any other points of interest you must have the private residential membership or you will incur a $20 charge per stop. Ask a representative for more information.


Some clubs and restaurants may have drink or dinning specials for our members. The benefits are up to the individual business and may be changed or canceled at any time without notice.

Restricted areas

We do not service any residence in the Mountain communities, or Northwest of Hwy 111, North of the 10 Fwy, East of Jackson and South of 60th St. We do not service any establishments East of Jefferson St. except for the following: Fantasy Springs Casino, Spotlight 29 Casino, Neil’s, and the Jackalope Ranch. Excessive mileage charges apply.

 Excessive Mileage

Members with a pick up address East of Jefferson or South East of Jefferson and Hwy 111 & addresses West of Date Palm, Cathedral City, there will be a $25 charge per month and will be charged to the credit card on file.

Boundaries and Charges

Our Service area boundaries are between Date Palm and Jefferson and North of the 10 Fwy. Any member who requests to cross a boundary line will be charged $25 per night per boundary line. This is per member. Example: If a member is in Palm Springs and crosses Date Palm they will be charge a $25 fee. If the member continues to cross Jefferson they will be charged another $25 charge. These fees are per night and are for one round trip. Once you are in the out of boundary area you are responsible to get around within that area. If we come back to get you and we move you within the same out of bounds area you will be charged an additional $25 fee.  If a member returns to the main service area and then later decides to cross over the boundary again an additional $25 will be charged. All charges are company service fees and will be charged to the credit card on file. Do not pay these fees to the driver.

 Wait time 

There is no wait time for pickups. We will arrive at a specified time. A member will be given five minutes. We must keep our vehicles moving. Once we exceed the five minutes we may leave to go to our next destination and return later, a $35 fee will be charged for returning after you missed your pick up. If this is at the end of the night and we will not be in your area you will have lost your ride. If we have the option of waiting we will, but once we have exceeded five minutes there will be a standby fee of $35 for every 15 minutes of wait time. Refusal to pay this charge will result in the loss of transportation.  It is the member’s responsibility to be out front for their pick up. All members are required to have a cell phone to make contact. A credit card will be kept on file and any additional wait time fees will be charged to it.



You do not have to be a member; our service is opened to all. Any additional benefits are not available for non-members, (see benefits). 

 Non-Member Club Hopper/ Restaurant Stopper

The cost is $60 per night for two people. Each additional person is $20 and the fee is charged to the credit card on file. Excessive mileage or boundary charge may apply.

 Smoking/Drugs Prohibited

 There is no smoking of any kind in our vehicles. Drugs of any kind are not allowed. Those who insist on smoking or doing drugs will be ejected from our vehicle and will lose their membership. Membership fees are non-fundable. If any illegal substance is being used in our vehicles the police may be called.


We will be using a variety of vehicles to include but not limited to; Limousines, buses, coaches, vans, sedans, SUV’s, Trolleys and taxis. No vehicle type is guaranteed. We may transfer members from one vehicle to the next. Example: We may have several members traveling from Palm Springs to Palm Desert. We may have a member that needs to get dropped in Rancho Mirage. It is possible the member would transfer to a smaller vehicle in order for the larger group to continue. 


A member and guests must be respectful of the other passengers and the driver at all times. Only one warning will be given. If inappropriate behavior is exhibited after the warning the member or guests will be ejected from the vehicle. Membership may be canceled. Membership fees are non-refundable. 

Shared Service

We are a shared ride service. There may be other members in the vehicle with you. We will be making pick up and drop offs during the course of our route. The restaurants and clubs may advertise in the vehicles with brochures and flyers. Outside the vehicles may be magnetic signs and banners. These forms of advertisement help to keep your cost low. Also in an appropriate vehicle there may be advertisement on the T.V. 


Gratuity is not included in your membership and is a requirement. Our drivers would appreciate any gratuity/tips you may wish to give them. During the course of the night you may have more than one driver so please tip accordingly. There is no set tip amount. However you should base your tip on how many people you have and how many places you go and then how long you are out. Example: There are two of you and you only go to a restaurant and home, the average gratuity would be $20. If there are four people out the average gratuity is $40. An easy way to figure out the gratuity is $10 per person. Remember the more stops you make and the longer you are out the gratuity should increase.


Rules and regulations may be changed at any time. Notice to members will be given in writing within 10 business days either by E-mail or US postal services. We reserve the right to refuse service anytime for any reason. 

Restricted Service

Blackout dates will apply for all major holidays to include but are not limited to: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. On New Year’s Eve taxis offer free rides. Weekends in May are limited as this is Prom Season. A limited amount of vehicles will be available. Reservations must be made 24 hours in advance.

Cleaning Fee

There will be up to a $300 cleaning fee for any excessive mess. This will be charged to the credit card on file. Please remember that a member is responsible for their guests.   

Shared Membership

Members CAN NOT be invited guests of another member. Each membership is responsible for boarder fees, gratuity and their invited extra guests. All additional passenger and boundary fees will be charged to the credit card on file per membership.

                                                Arrange for Pick Up

For the initial pick up we must be notified 24 hours in advance. If 24 hr. notice is not given we will try to do our best to fit you in our schedule. However if we are not available at the time you have requested you may have to wait until we are available or it is possible we may not be able to accommodate you that night. If we do not have anyone scheduled the day before we may cancel that night’s service. We must have a cell phone number of someone in the party. We have to be able to contact you if there is a change in the schedule. We advise that you arrange a time for a pick up during the night so we may schedule our route. A 45 minute notice is still necessary if the time is not pre-arranged. Please remember this is not a private service, it is a shared ride service and we must accommodate many members throughout the night. Flexibility is the key to having a wonderful evening. Please do not arrange your pick up time close to a dinner reservation. We may have to pick up other members on the way to your restaurant. When you make a reservation to include other people we arrange to have a vehicle to accommodate that number. If your party does not show up you are still responsible for the charges and will be charged accordingly to your credit card on file. No pick up time is guaranteed. You may have to be flexible 15 minutes either way. We do our best to accommodate as many members as possible with one vehicle; this is how we keep our membership fees low. It is possible that even after you have made a reservation that your time may need to be adjusted.



Just as we need 24 hours notice for a reservation we also need 24 hours for a cancellation. We arrange for drivers the night before and arrange our vehicles. If you do not cancel 24 hours before your requested time you will be charged a $35 cancel fee and this fee will be charged to the credit card on file.


Once you are Home

Our service is available every day during the hours of operation. You are entitled to use the service only once per day. If you go out and then go home your service for the day has ended.



For those who choose a one month membership we will try to e-mail you a reminder to renew 10 days before your expiration or we may call or text.


Hours of Operation

Services are available from 5 p.m. to 01:30 a.m. The last vehicle leaving Palm Springs heading East will be at 1:30 a.m. The last vehicle leaving from the East going towards Palm Springs will be at 1:00 a.m. Times are subject to change without notice.

For further information please contact us at (760) 449-7928 or at





























































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